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Banashankari 2nd Stage

Built Up Area

1325 SFT - 1815 SFT

Construction Status

Project - Completed

Along day at work deserves a soothing touch to help you unwind, relax and recharge your energies. Experience the Eternitytouch of truly elegant flooring, cool Fresh air and a hot calming shower that makes your day stress free. Each Movement.

Shivaganga palace of for storeys Every Home is designed for healthy living with ample ventilation and plenty if sunlight. put your feet, take a deep breath and enjoy Relax in golden silence..... Ever listened heard the beating of your heart? The wind rustling through the trees.? Take a break from the noises that invade your life and discover peace and tranquillity in world of Shivaganga As oyu relax in golden silence.

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